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Field trip in Bulgaria (June 25-29, 2009)
by M. Guedj and F. Di Cristina

The objective of this exploration trip was the selection of biocontrol agents of Salsola tragus and Onopordum acanthium in the area around Plovdiv. Collected different weevils and moth species associated with Onopordumsp.,  and collected a large sample of adults of Cosmobaris sp. on Salsola tragus and Chenopodium album. 

Field trip in Sicily (June 10-13, 2009)
by A. Paolini and F. Di Cristina

This trip was carried out in order to collect the weevil Lixus rosenschoeldi on Salsola kali to be tested in the lab under choice and no choice conditions. Found also few larvae of Cosmobaris scolopacea for genetic analysis on S. kali in two different localities

Field trip in Turkey (May 19-27, 2009)
by F. Di Cristina

This field survey was focused on the selection of potential biocontrol agents of our main target weeds. Collected on Scotch thistle Lixus cardui, Larinus latus and L. near griscens. Found also two huge populations of Psylliodes cfr. chalcomerus and first record of eriophyoid mite on Scotch thistle. Two open field tests were set up near Kayseri to test the specificity of two eriophyoid mites, potential biocontrol agents of perennial pepperweed and Russian olive, respectively. Collected also specimens of Lixus incanescens on Salsola tragus and several Liocleonus clatratuson Tamarix sp. to be used in preliminary oviposition tests in laboratory.

Field trip in Bulgaria (May 17-22, 2009)
by A. Paolini and  F. Lecce

The trip was carried out together with the Bulgarian cooperators V. Harizanova and A. Stoeva for the collection of potential biocontrol agents of Onopordum acanthium along the Tracian Valley. Found several populations of the weed, heavily damaged by the weevils Larinus latus and Lixus cardui. Recorded the presence of Salsola tragus in one location near Plovdiv.

Field trip in Iran (April 24-May 03, 2009)
by R. Bonopera and F. Di Cristina


The trip was carried out with Urs Schaffner, CABI Switzerland, in cooperation with Dr. Reza Ghorbani and Asadi Ghorbanali, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. Aim of the trip was to set up field experiments with 2 mite species associated respectively with Russian olive and Russian knapweed.  In addition, a first population of Lixus cardui has been collected on Scotch thistle near Shirvan. Collected some Cosmobaris sp. larvae on dry stems of last year Russian thistle.

Trip in Montpellier (April 21-24, 2009)
by A. Paolini and M. Guedj


Aim of this trip was the participation to the EBCL Planning Workshop 2009. Collected also some specimens of Lixus cardui  on Onopordum acanthium in two locations of the area.


Field trip in Turkey (March 13-21, 2009)
by F. Di Cristina


The main target of this trip was the establishment of an official agreement with Prof. Rustem Hayat of Ardahan University in East Turkey. Collected samples of Lepidium latifolium infested by an eriophyoid mite, several larvae of Cosmobaris scolopacea in dried stems of russian thistle and samples of Onopordum acanthium for genetic.

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